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Case Studies: Alameda County Transportation Commission


: The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), formerly known as the Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA), administers the Measure B half-cent transportation sales tax in Alameda County. Measure B, first approved in 1986 and reauthorized in Nov 2000, garners over $100 million in tax revenue per year. The Alameda CTC delivers voter-approved transportation infrastructure and service improvements to keep Alameda County moving. The challenge is accountability to the taxpayer: keeping taxpayers informed and educated about the Alameda CTC's progress to complete transportation projects.

STRATEGY: KYS was the media component of a public relations team, led by MIG, Inc., to help Alameda CTC maintained accountability to the public. KYS maintained relationships with Bay Area transportation reporters, conducted ongoing community relations, civic and business outreach and provided media relations support. KYS coordinated a Speakers Bureau, provided message development, branding, media monitoring and media training, and maintained a database of ethnic, regional and mainstream media.

RESULT: The Communications Plan was expanded to include all facets of the agency. KYS spearheaded the development of Alameda CTC Reports, an eNewsletter to key constituencies that receive Alameda CTC updates directly in their email box rather than through more traditional media channels. The eNewsletter reached legislators, policymakers, transportation representatives, the business community, civic and community groups, and mainstream and ethnic media outlets. The eNewsletter database grew over 150% in two years. KYS was also responsible for maintaining strong attendance at Alameda CTC public forums.

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