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Case Studies: California Association of Public Authorities (CAPA)


: The California Association of Public Authorities (CAPA), a statewide network of county agencies that provide in-home support services, faced deep budget cuts from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget in January 2004.  KYS Communications was hired to spearhead a public education campaign effort, in coordination with multiple agencies across the state (e.g., SEIU, the Homecare Council, Disability Rights Movement, the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers, Protection & Advocacy, Inc., and the California Disability Action Coalition).  The goal was to inform and educate California residents about the value of in-home support services.
Eugene Lee STRATEGY: The Public Education Campaign effort was multi-faceted and designed to capitalize on the news’ attraction to “conflict.”  Tactics included message development, media relations, maintaining a statewide media list and electronic press packet easily accessed. We created a popular “campaign” button stating, “There’s No Place Like Home,” provided spokesperson training, and coordinated ten town hall meetings across the state (i.e., Oakland, Stockton, Fremont, Marin, Kern County, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Pasadena, Orange County). During the last week of the campaign, the outreach component of our campaign coordinated the attendance of 400 people to a public hearing. called at the last minute, to close the campaign on a strong note.
RESULT: The CAPA public education effort received front-page coverage across the state, and coverage on television, radio and in smaller, regional newspapers.  Senator Don Perata started his own website, which is no longer operative. Town Hall meetings averaged 100 people and included as many as 400 people.  KYS also developed capacity within the Public Authorities to carry out future public education efforts.

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