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Case Studies: Annie E. Casey Foundation

CHALLENGE: Making Connections was a ten-year (2000-2009) investment by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to improve the quality of life for families and children in low-income neighborhoods. Making Connections Oakland (MCO), one of ten participant communities, had three objectives: 1) connect families to greater economic opportunity; 2) improve access to effective and efficient services (e.g., social, mental, health, etc.) and 3) strengthen social ties in the neighborhood (e.g., faith-based, community centers, Boys & Girls Cubs, etc.)
Making Connections Oakland Calendar STRATEGY: From 2000-2005, KYS was the communications liaison for MCO in the Lower San Antonio district of Oakland, California. KYS created and distributed a suite of communication materials to support the work and keep the surrounding community informed about MCO. KYS provided message development support, event planning, press packets, an internal newsletter, a periodic community newsletter and launched a community newspaper.
RESULT:  Highlights included development of a Message Development document and a PowerPoint presentation for an award-winning Communications Toolkit; KYS launched a community newspaper, The San Antonio Unity, which which successfully published for ten years in four languages; and produced a periodic newsletter, “Making Connections in Oakland” for local stakeholders. We collaborated with San Francisco State University to produce a 40-page, glossy magazine, Making Connections Oakland, about the Lower San Antonio; and coordinated a two-day Faith Into Action workshop including 90 churches. KYS conceptualized, developed and distributed a vibrant calendar, distributed free throughout the neighborhood, Making Connections featuring artwork from Tiffany Sankary, community resources and MCO programs. KYS developed and distributed an internal newsletter to facilitate communications among multiple consultants. KYS also provided “media monitoring” services that conclusively demonstrated increased media coverage of this neighborhood in local and regional newspapers over the course of our five years with the project.

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