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Case Studies: Georgia Family Connection Partnership


: When the Annie E. Casey Foundation released its inaugural national KIDS COUNT report in 1990 to track the status of children in the US, Georgia placed 50th. Then Governor Zell Miller responded to Georgia’s dismal ranking in 1991 by establishing a two-year pilot initiative designed to coordinate services for the educational, social, economic, and physical well-being of Georgia’s youngest, most vulnerable citizens. He called the initiative Georgia Family Connection (GaFCP). The critical work of the GaFCP continues to this day.  In 2006, KYS was retained to conduct a Message Development Workshop to assist the agency to update and refine its communications.

STRATEGY: Using a proprietary message development process, KYS assisted the GaFCP to articulate its values, refine its language and use this new language to better articulate their accomplishments.  At KYS, we believe organizations intuitively know what they want to say; our job is to guide them through a process that unleashes their own, inherent wisdom.  We are also big on showcasing concrete RESULTS!

RESULT: With key staff at the table, the KYS message workshop led Gaye Morris Smith, Executive Director for the agency, to arrive at “Connect, Communicate and Count.”  These terms utilize value language, the added bonus of alliteration, and helped the organization to highlight its many accomplishments.  The terms, Connect, Communicate and Count, have become the central organizing principles for the agency.  The three C’s are now featured on the home page of the GaFCP and at the end of their Year End Reports (2007, 2008, 2009) to demonstrate the agency’s many accomplishments.

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Georgia Family Connection Partnership

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