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Case Studies: Race Matters Institute

Marcus Foster

: Through funding by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) the original Race Matters Toolkit was published in 2004 and was initially designed to carry out system reform work in the areas of child welfare, juvenile justice, health, economic success and education. The toolkit's efficacy became increasingly apparent as the tools expanded over the years. Therefore, in January, 2011, the Race Matters Institute was launched as a stand-alone organization with generous support from AECF.

: An RFP was released in March 2011; the RMI was looking for a firm to help them create a visual identity and language to describe this new entity to a broader audience. Deliverables included a message document, Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan, logo and marketing brochure. KYS won this competitive bid, in part because we made the case that RMI should develop a Facebook page and website in lieu of marketing materials to begin. Once the website is in place, they could swing back to design print materials drawing on copy from their website.

RESULT: In addition to a message document including key language and values, we developed a Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan, logo, Facebook page and website. During the course of this project, there were many unexpected trials and tribulations including the passing of two individuals close to the project. Thanks to the perseverance and resourcefulness of KYS Communications, we worked through the challenges, producing a final product, on-budget, that exceeded expectations.

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