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Case Studies: Young Journalists Scholarship Luncheon


: KYS wanted to honor News Anchor Barbara Rodgers’ 25th anniversary at CBS5 (KPIX-TV), as she was a “first generation” African American reporter at a television station.Barbara Rodgers
STRATEGY: KYS planned an event befitting a 25th anniversary celebration. With a ten-week window, KYS fundraised to secure 14 sponsors, coordinated all logistics, developed and produced a 24-page program book with sponsor-ads, arranged for guest speakers, wrote the script for News Anchor Kate Kelly who moderated, and oversaw the registration process for 270 guests. When a last-minute hotel strike prevented the event from taking place at the designated location, KYS negotiated moving the event to a new hotel and, with only one-week’s notice, notified all participants of the change in venue. Ms. Rodgers asked that all proceeds from the event go to the Bay Area Black Journalists Association (BABJA).
Barbara Rodgers RESULT: KYS created a successful legacy event. There was buzz about the luncheon for months. With the template KYS developed, BABJA continues to hold the event, recently celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Young Journalists Scholarship Luncheon honoring veteran Bay Area African-American journalists. The luncheon raised $6,000 the first year, and an additional $20,000 over the last five years, for college scholarships. The Young Journalists Scholarship Luncheon raised the visibility of BABJA as several media outlets commented they were unaware BABJA still existed. KYS assisted with production of Year Two for the Young Journalists Scholarship Luncheon.

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