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Key Services We Provide

Develop Strategic Communications
Anyone can get you one story in the newspaper or on the air, but a single story is quickly forgotten. KYS Communications prefers to help clients develop a long-term communications strategy. “We believe in developing a multi-faceted plan with many layers that unfold over time,” explains Stevenson. “Sustained media coverage and communication outreach efforts allow clients to meet their goals and reinforce their message.”

Shape and Frame Messages
The media can shape public perceptions in powerful and sometimes erratic ways. How well your story is told depends in part on how prepared you are. KYS Communications can help you crystallize your ideas and frame your message so that you are in control of the message the media receives. An unfocused interview can cause a reporter to miss the point. When the media shapes the story, it can result in misrepresentations and a dramatic focus on victims and blame, instead of environmental factors that influence an issue, and positive solutions to effect change.

Create Communications Tools
Every project is different and requires different communication tools and strategies. Whether the project requires organizing a website, an eNewsletter, podcast, newsletter, community newspaper, brochure, video, press release, training session or special event, KYS Communications can help. We know how to organize events, create media kits, develop media lists, draft press releases, organize press conferences, create marketing materials, add programming content and effectively engage the interest of the media. We’ve done it all with success!

Project Management, Event Planning and Programming
Some clients seek full-scale logistical planning to organize an event while others ask us to provide variety and value that will enhance an existing program. KYS Communications has broad-based experience in creating or guiding projects of all types. We have assisted with economic development summits, anniversary events, public hearings, legislative meetings and staff retreats. We can create alliances, coalitions and partnerships with appropriate groups and have a reputation for enhancing programming to provide a deeper and more meaningful context.

Provide Media/Spokesperson Training
Stevenson’s background as a television producer shapes and informs her media training. “I really love helping people communicate better with the media,” she says. “I teach them how to stay on track and tell a story that will resonate with reporters.” Her media training sessions focus on message framing, interview preparation, media tactics and role-playing including actual on-camera interviewing.

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