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“ Karen Stevenson and I worked together as part of a marketing team for a group of upscale retirement communities in Georgia. Our work included various advertising projects, the launch of a unique monthly podcast, implementation of systems for better tracking of leads, assessment of the competitive landscape and community outreach for the organization. Her background in communications, particularly television production, greatly improved the level of professionalism for our television campaigns. Her ability to handle several projects simultaneously was especially impressive. Ms. Stevenson brings a high level of integrity and a tireless work ethic to any project that comes her way, and I found it a real pleasure to work with her. “

“We had extraordinary challenges during the implementation of the communications contract including delays due to the untimely and unexpected passing of a team member and Karen's mom. There was an additional bump in the project due to a change in personnel caused by maternity leave. Karen continually reassured us that we would be extremely happy with the final product. KYS delivered! We LOVE our logo and website. Our Strategic Marketing & Communications Plan is filled with useful ideas and actionable information, along with a Work Plan to guide our efforts. Given the challenges faced, KYS exceeded expectations and we would definitely recommend their services.“

“Karen Stevenson is the hardest working woman in the PR business. She is a great team builder, project manager, and strategic thinker. She handles ideas and people with equal aplomb. If you want clear, effective messaging, call Karen. If you want someone who can manage reporters and constituents, call Karen. If you want a sympathetic ear who can attune a jangling mission statement into pitch perfect prose, call Karen.“

“Karen sought out Alterra Bioenergy to lend marketing support. She promised results and she delivered. I highly recommend her.”

“Karen is one of the most motivated and productive people I have had the good fortune to work with. She has particularly strong organizational and communication skills, including a superb level of initiative and self-direction. All of this is combined with excellent communication and team player skills and a wonderfully warm sense of humor.”

“Karen was hired by the Port of Oakland to develop a brochure to capture all of the “community benefits” the Port bestows on Oakland and the larger Bay Area Community. The copy Karen produced exceeded expectations. Karen is bright, has great follow-through, is detail-oriented and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to work with anyone I know as I am confident she will always do her very best.”

“Karen has become indispensable in the formulation of our communications strategies. Her skills and professionalism have helped bring clarity and consistency to a complicated communications message. We feel extraordinarily fortunate to have her as a partner in our efforts."

“Karen is one of the most competent and thorough people I’ve ever worked with. Whatever you put in her hands is sure to be done efficiently, superbly and with class.”

“The San Francisco affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) faces a public audience that lacks real information or knowledge about mental health issues. KYS Communications, using an intuitive message development methodology, enabled us to craft a short, crisp, positive message to begin to combat all that fear. The process was magical!”

“Karen helped us translate the passion of our advocacy into a coherent media message, and then ensured we got our message out effectively; from tackling the Governor during the state budget crisis, to longer-term public relations. Not only does she understand the media in her bones, she is on top of it in real-time, enabling us to rapidly respond to the pulse of the news.”

“Karen is the most dedicated, knowledgeable and dependable media consultant we’ve ever worked with. She cares deeply about community issues and knows how to translate the importance of those issues into a language that the media can understand.”

“She really knows the ins and outs of the media and is a wonderful trainer!”

“Karen’s professionalism is superb. Her guidance in how-to-do has provided our organization with extraordinary outcomes. It’s been a pleasure working with her.”

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